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Casa Julia receives the CEDMA 2018 award

Very moved, Ismael recalled the history and great hospitality tradition of his family, and did not hesitate to share the prize with Angel Vives, president of Tot Vall de Pop, association to which Casa Julia belongs, of which he said that “it is like our Sonja. ” He also had a fond memory for José Luis, from Dénia’s Panterri, and for Diego Mena, with whom he started in the hospitality sector, of whom he said were “two great references that marked me, for their treatment of the clients and their way of working “.

With this award, CEDMA recognizes the exemplary business tour of Casa Julia, its firm commitment to rural tourism and the product of proximity, and its promotion of the region through the native cuisine and cultural, recreational and sports activities that delve into to its clients in the knowledge of the Marina Alta.